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Future of E-Mobility - Impact & Outlook:

How far away are we from a circular economy?

The discussion lies in the past - but you can get the recording!

We are currently still far away from the 1.5°C climate target.

What are the steps for mobility to get there and is a circular economy realistic? What is the current status regarding e.g. electric vehicles production and recycling? What impacts are linked to increasing e-mobility demands? What challenges are we facing and how do we overcome them?

The format "1 Slide - 1 Fact"  is the foundation of our conversation. Each speaker gives us a glimpse of his thoughts by presenting one key aspect that he sees as crucial regarding circular EVs to open up the discussion. 

Together with experts of the recycling, automotive, battery, and market analysis sector, we are discussing one of the major topics in today's economy and decarbonization: the change in mobility and its impact.

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Looking into an electrified future.

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What do we need to make second life the new reality?


Reusing electric vehicle batteries in energy storages can decrease the batteries' lifecycle emissions significantly by up to 50%.  However, complexity in technology and unclear market regulations are hindering a simple scaling.

Join the session with energy storage, battery research and electric vehicle experts discussing about how to ensure reliability of second life storage systems and how to make it economically realizable.